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Kingspan AIR-CELL

Code: : AIR-CELL
Brand : Kingspan
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AIR-CELL Insulbreak™ FR
Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulbreak™ FR is an all-in-one insulation, vapour barrier and radiant barrier solution reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat.

The 8 mm thick Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulbreak™ 80FR also acts as a thermal break, which significantly reduces conductive heat transfer, or thermal bridging, across steel building elements.
Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulbreak™ FR is manufactured with a patented cross-linked, closed-cell foam structure sandwiched by highly reflective foil surfaces.

Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulbreak™ FR is suitable for:
  • Roof Insulation- Residential Tiled Roof, Residential Metal Roof, Commercial Metal Deck
  • Wall Insulation- Concrete Wall, Masonry Block Wall, Warehouse Walls
  • Floor Insulation- Concrete Floor Soffit

Roof Wall Insulation Insulbreak
Product Data AIR-CELL
Product Code TB040FR TB080FR
Product Thickness 4 mm 8 mm
Product R-value R0.13 R0.25
Roll Diameter 470 mm 500 mm
Roll Weight 10 kg 10 kg
Roll Size 1300 mm x 34.62 m (45 m2) 1300 mm x 23.08 m (30 m2)
Reflectance 97%
Emittance E0.03
Max. Span 2.4 m without support mesh


AIR-CELL Retroshield™

Kingspan AIR-CELL Retroshield™ has been developed with a unique reflective anti-tear surface, as both a vapour barrier and a high performance insulation. Kingspan AIR-CELLproducts are designed to combat heat gain and heat loss in all three forms (radiation, convection and conduction), resulting in thermal performance superior to many conventional insulations. 

Most importantly, 
Kingspan AIR-CELL Retroshield™ is non-allergenic, non-irritant and has none of the health and safety warnings associated with using many conventional bulk insulations.

Kingspan AIR-CELL Retroshield™ is suitable for:

Roof Insulation - Commercial Roof, Residential Roof, Warehouse Roof

- Wall Insulation - Concrete Wall, Masonry Block Wall, Warehouse Wall

Roof Wall Insulation Retroshield
Product Data  
Emittance Reflective: E0.03
Roll size 1350 mm x 22.25 m (30 m2)
Product thickness 7 mm
Roll weight 11 kg
Max span 2.4 m without product support mesh
  • General Requirements
    1. Fit Kingspan AIR-CELL™ neatly around doors, windows, and any penetrations, and tape if necessary to prevent air leakage.
    2. When taping a plastic squeegee or blade must be used to apply appropriate pressure to the tape. Surfaces must be dry and free from dust, oil or grease prior to taping.
    3. Leave minimum 50 mm clearance around heat producing flues or light fittings (refer to light fitting manufacturer).
    The instructions in this document are guidelines only and should be interpreted with consideration for the specific building design. The installation of Kingspan AIR-CELL™ should be in conformance with the applicable clauses from AS 3999 and AS/NZS 4200.2 unless otherwise specified.
    Kingspan AIR-CELL™ can be damaged by intense heat above 105° C and contact with sparks and flame from blow torches, welders, cutting tools, etc. must be avoided.
    The installer must make due provision for safety when installing Kingspan AIR-CELL™ in any application.
  • Safety Information
    • Non-hazardous/non-toxic.
    • No personal protective equipment required.
    • UV protective sunglasses and screen should be used when installing in direct sunlight.
    • Ensure at least 50 mm clearance from hot flues and light fittings (check for safe distance with lighting supplier).
    • Foil facings are conductive to electricity - avoid contact with un-insulated electrical cables and fittings.
  • Handling and Storage
  • Kingspan AIR-CELL™ Insulation products must be transported in its protective packaging and kept clean and dry. Standing rolls on end reduces risk of damage should moisture be present in the packaging. Surfaces must be kept free of contaminants such as dust and grease, and must not be stored with foil surfaces in contact with alkaline materials i.e. wet cement, lime, etc.

  • Residential Tiled Roof
  • The Kingspan AIR-CELL™ product depicted in this animation shows a gold anti-glare facing which is only available in Australia.

    1. Starting at the gutter, roll out the Kingspan AIR-CELL™ product across the rafters with the antiglare side up, and ensuring a 50 mm overlap into the gutter is achieved.
    2. Fix to rafters.
    3. Allow 150 mm minimum overlap for joins (or 50 mm is adequate if joins are to be taped).
    4. End joins should be overlapped by rafter spacing if not taped.
    5. Fix battens as per roof cover requirements and applicable standards.
    Download the residential tiled roof installation instructions